PowerTown Line Construction, LLC.
Steven Townsend, President & CEO 
Steven has more than 30 years of experience in power line construction and management. He has built strong, long-standing relationships with numerous publicly and privately owned energy providers and contractors alike.  He has compiled an excellent safety record and received many outstanding service awards as a result.  Safety, integrity and quality are Mr. Townsend’s core values which he has instilled in a strong, professional PTLC team.

Travis VanBuren, Vice President 
Travis is a graduate of St. Leo University with a Bachelor degree in Business Management Travis has obtained Lineman status through his 4 yr. tenure with PowerTown, maintaining an outstanding safety record and continues his drive displaying exemplary leadership within our organization. Travis presently oversees PowerTown Jobsite management and Contracts with our Investor owned partners. Travis continues to provide a high degree of customer service and insures excellence within our line construction and maintenance department.

Billy Vonstetina, Operations Manager
Billy has 28 years of experience in the utility industry. He worked in the field for 21 years before entering the supervisor role. Billy has great knowledge in overhead and underground distribution systems and enjoys passing it on to the up-and-coming employees at PTLC. Billy is currently overseeing the line construction and trouble departments.

Bill Foster, Line Superintendent of Operations
Bill is a veteran of knowledge in the power line industry with just over 3 decades from the start of his career in 1972. Bill helps instill the same knowledge and qualities into the men at PTLC. Since the start of business, Bill has been with PTLC over seeing all operations, and insuring that employees are providing quality to our customers while keeping a safe work environment. 

Hershel Millsaps, Unit Writer of Operations
Hershel has over 30 years experience in the power line industry from the start of his career in 1979.  Job site training and awareness is Hershel's primary focus to ensure everyone is in a safe working environment. 

SAFETY:  Is critical to our team members and their families. PTLC’s culture revolves around a program that embraces training, safety awareness, and accident prevention. Our underlying philosophy is to develop and reinforce workplace practices that help ensure that employees have a safe work ethic. Safety and risk management have an influences on the bottom line. PTLC strives to manage costs by quickly investigating any incidents, resolving outstanding issues in a timely manner, and correcting any potential problems so they do not reoccur. It is recognized that outstanding safety performance is essential to the welfare of industry and we will continue to improve by making safety an integral part of all business activities.

INTEGRITY:  The responsibility for ethical behavior is taken seriously by everyone, at every level. Conducting business honorably, ethically and with the utmost professionalism is top of mind for the PowerTown team.

QUALITY:  PowerTown is committed to the professional development of our team members for achieving the quality and safe methods required for a successful project. The expertise and value offered by our consulting services is backed by years of experience in the research, development and implementation of training programs. We bring our best team members, equipment and management practices to each project and utilize an experience based approach along with customer interaction to achieve project success.